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I’m Patrick, a business graduate and founder of the bilingual travel blog German Backpacker and its corresponding social media channels. Since its launch in fall 2017, quickly grew to one of Germany’s leading adventure travel blogs, attracting daily a large number of readers and followers from Germany and beyond.

I’m always looking for new collaboration opportunities with relevant brands and partners in the tourism industry. If you’re interested in working with me, please send me an email to patrick {at} germanbackpacker {dot} com for further details and to receive my media kit.

Some of the brands I already worked with

Let’s work together!

• Press Trips: Traveling is my biggest passion and I’m happy to visit destinations and report about them on my travel blog as well on my social media. I’m interested in group press trips as well as in individual press trips and in the past, I already had successful press trips with i.e. Sri Lanka Tourism, Antigua & Barbuda, Bahamas, Kerala Tourism, Visit Aberdeenshire, Visit Britain, Visit London, Experience Romania and Agrotourism Cyprus.

• Media Campaigns: I participated in the Backpackagram media campaign with Pure New Zealand – the tourism board of New Zealand. This campaign targeted the German backpacker market and reached more than 1 million people.

• Media Features: I’ve already been interviewed and shared information about travel-related topics in several international newspapers and channels, such as Forbes magazine.

• Sponsored Posts:  Do you think your product or brand fits well to my audience? Please reach out to me for more information.

• Social Media Features: I’m happy to demonstrate your brand or product to my followers on social media. I already had successful collaborations with several lifestyle and travel brands, such as North Sails and Holzkern.

• Product Reviews and Features: Would you like to get a product or brand featured and reviewed on my travel blog? I already reviewed i.e. the YI 4K+ Action Camera and the Cabin Zero backpack on my website. Please reach out to me for more information.

• Travel Writing / Guest Posts: I already wrote articles for several major publications, such as Hostelworld. Furthermore, I’m also accepting guest posts by other travel writers and bloggers. Please reach out to me if you’re interested.

• Content Creation: Besides writing, I do professional travel photography and create travel videos.

• Digital Marketing & Social Media Consulting: I graduated with a Master in Management degree focusing on digital marketing at the University of Mannheim. I have relevant work experiences in management consulting, marketing and sales in Germany as well as abroad. I’m happy to use my knowledge and experiences to consult and support your business.



What my business partners say…

„We got in touch with Patrick after discovering his Instagram account and his travel blog “German Backpacker” online. His positive, visual language and his real interest in the countries he explores were the perfect requirements for a collaboration with Bahamas Tourism. The Bahamas are only a unique destination if you explore the less known islands, if you get in touch with the locals and if you get to know their lives. And this is only one of the strengths we see in Patrick. The result of his trips are real stories and real encounters. I know that Patrick doesn’t like to be called an “influencer” – but this is exactly what he is, and this is why we would love to work with him again anytime in the future. With his content, he delivers information as well as creates inspiration. There’s nothing more we could have asked for. There’s no need for guidelines and instructions, since Patrick overdelivers. Because he (still) travels with his heart.”

– Angelika E. Ardelt, CEO Text&Aktion and responsible for Bahamas Tourism

“It was our privilege to work with Patrick as we have recognized him as a young, talented travel blogger with a lot of passion for travel. His unique style of showcasing his travel experiences inspire many holiday seekers around the world. With his professionalism in collaborating with us, I highly recommend Patrick and his website to any travel and leisure brand.”

– Chaminda Munasinghe, Sri Lanka Tourism

What my readers and followers say…

“You know, it was your posts back in March that made me decide to visit Jordan ! And I went there in June! Wadi Rum was like another planet!”

– Raman Evazians, reader of

What my colleagues say…

“I was lucky enough to travel with Patrick on a press trip in Italy. He was a pleasure to travel and work with: always smiling, hugely enthusiastic about everything he does, happy to collaborate and share ideas, incredibly professional, and very talented and creative. I’d be delighted to work and travel with him again!”

Bella Falk, BBC TV Producer & Photographer


My Audience

The majority of my readers (70%) is from German-speaking countries (Germany, Austria, Switzerland), followed by the UK and the USA. They are adventurous travelers in the age range 18 – 40  and love to explore different countries and regions all over the world through my eyes. With a focus on fun and exciting experiences, but also a mix of culture, food and recreation; I inspire and inform my readers about their upcoming holidays.

While I started this website traveling around the world as a backpacker myself, the target group of my travel blog is not limited to the low budget sector only. For me, backpacking represents an active adventure holiday rather than being restricted to a limited travel standard. As a result, I present on this website typical backpacking regions, such as Southeast Asia or South America, off-the-path places (i.e. Pakistan, Sudan, Ethiopia and Kyrgyzstan), but also upscale destinations, such as Antigua, London and the Bahamas. My goal, especially for countries that are predominantly known as high-end holiday destinations, is to present them in an exciting, meaningful way to my target group; where they can combine a higher travel standard with an active and fun adventure holiday.

Since the majority of my readers reaches my website organically (via Google), my articles are search engine optimized and can therefore be easily adapted to your desired target group.


Reach & Data (2019)

Website Traffic: 60k+ Pageviews / Month

• Bilingual (articles in German and English)

Top Countries:
   1) Germany (~60%)
   2) Austria + Switzerland (~10%)
   3) USA + UK (~10%)

• Continuous and fast growth of traffic (+5290%) of in the last year (Source: Google Analytics)

Social Media Data

Instagram: 28.5k+ Followers

Twitter: 4.6k+ Followers

Facebook: 5.9k+ Followers

YouTube: 8.9k+ Subscribers


Media Kit on request via E-Mail.

I’m looking forward to working with you!