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I’m Patrick, a world traveller and business student from Germany. Over the last few years, I took every opportunity to travel the world. So far, I’ve already been to more than 60 countries and it’s my big goal to visit every country in the world one day!

On this website, I share my travel experiences and useful travel information to hopefully help and inspire you to venture off on your next adventure soon!

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nuri pyramids in sudan

2018 in Review: About Travels, Career and Personal Changes

Normally, my travel blog focuses more on practical and helpful articles and less on my private life. However, I’d still ...
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Ait Benhaddou in Morocco

My ultimate Backpacking Morocco Guide: Highlights, Safety & Travel Tips!

Morocco was the first country where I went solo backpacking - and I loved it! While a backpacking Morocco trip ...
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Danakil Depression tour to Dallol

My ultimate Backpacking Ethiopia Guide: Highlights, Travel Tips, Safety & Places to Visit!

Not many tourists decide to backpack around Ethiopia - since Ethiopia is different than the typical travel destinations. Ethiopia is ...
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Nuri pyramids in Sudan

My ultimate Backpacking Sudan Travel Guide: Highlights, Safety, Budget & Tips!

Let's be honest - a backpacking Sudan trip is probably something that only a few backpackers and tourists have in ...
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Attabad Lake in northern Pakistan

Backpacking Pakistan: These are the 9 best places to visit in Pakistan!

Pakistan is beautiful, and I enjoyed my visit to its fullest. However, Pakistan is also a country you might not ...
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Best reasons to visit Pakistan

5 Reasons Why Pakistan is my Favourite Country in the World!

After travelling to more than 60 countries, there’s one question which I get all the time: “What’s your favourite country ...
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IESS Pakistan at IBA Karachi – My Experience & Review

My participation at IESS Summer School was kindly sponsored by IBA Karachi. Therefore, this article includes advertisement for the IESS ...
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Arcido Faroe Backpack Review

Arcido Faroe Backpack Review

I received the backpack for free in order to review it on my website. All opinions are, as always, my ...
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Backpacking Maui – Things to do for Adventure Lovers

Conveniently nestled between Big Island and the smaller Molokai, this popular Hawaiian tourism spot is divided into five distinct regions, ...
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Backpacking in germany - Berlin

My ultimate Backpacking Germany Guide: Highlights, Travel Tips & More!

When tourists from overseas visit Europe, Germany might not be on top of most travellers’ bucket lists – there are ...
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