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I’m Patrick, a world traveller and business student from Germany. Over the last few years, I took every opportunity to travel the world. So far, I’ve already been to more than 60 countries and it’s my big goal to visit every country in the world one day!

On this website, I share my travel experiences and useful travel information to hopefully help and inspire you to venture off on your next adventure soon!


Have a look at my recent blog articles:

Sehenswürdigkeiten Indien, Bad von Lakshmi in Hampi

India Backpacking – Places You Have to Visit!

India polarizes like no other country in the world - one loves it or one hates it. The colors, the ...
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Die bunten Straßen in Cartagena, Kolumbien

Colombia Backpacking – Places You Have to Visit!

After being considered to be one of the most dangerous travel destinations in the world for decades, lost in the ...
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Egypt backpacking places you have to see

Backpacking Egypt – Places You Have to Visit!

Egypt is a country full of culture, history, and great sights and therefore worth a visit. In early 2018, I ...
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Must visit on one day in Abu Dhabi is Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

Backpacking Abu Dhabi – How to Spend One Day in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi may not be a glitz capital like her sister Dubai, but there’s much to see and do in ...
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Backpacking to the northern part of Kenya

Backpacking Kenya Itinerary – Best Places to Visit!

Kenya is an incredibly diverse and great country that has much to offer. I spent a month backpacking in Kenya ...
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The capitol of Havana with a nice retro car in front

Backpacking Cuba – All you need to know

In the last few years after travel restrictions got lifted, Cuba became one of these hip destinations everyone wants to ...
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View on Sibiu in Transylvania, a must-do on a backpacking Romania trip

Backpacking Romania – 10 reasons why you need to visit Romania

 I didn’t know a lot about Romania. But when I got invited to travel around the country for two weeks ...
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With a huge tree during the Amazon tour

Backpacking Ecuador – The Amazon Tour in Ecuador

Doing a tour into the Amazon in Ecuador is a highlight of a backpacking trip around Ecuador! A visit to ...
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Backpacking Dubai – How to spend one day in Dubai

When flying back to Europe from my backpacking trip around India with Emirates, I spend one day in Dubai. I ...
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With a Mexican flag at the end of my backpacking Mexico adventure

Backpacking Mexico – All you need to know

I lived in Mexico City for 4 months for a semester abroad as part of my Master studies. During this ...
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