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North America was the first continent I traveled outside of Europe. After years of dreaming about America, my dream came true at the age of 16 and I was allowed to travel to California for two weeks as part of a youth group trip. The first time outside of Europe, the first time boarding a plane!

But it did not stop. In my undergraduate studies, I had the chance to spend a semester abroad at San Diego State University in 2013. Already in the summer before the beginning of the semester, I traveled with two friends around Canada (Rocky Mountains to Vancouver), from there we went on to San Diego for 4 months. During my semester I took every opportunity to travel the West Coast and was able to see a lot. During the Thanksgiving week, I did a road trip with friends in Mexico, from Tijuana we drove for hundreds of miles through the Baja California to Cabo San Lucas and back again. And I fell in love with Mexico.

After my semester, I still had time to travel to Hawaii for two weeks. With friends, I went on to Florida, where we did a road trip and also spent Christmas and New Year’s Eve, before we visited the northeast coast for two weeks and finally went home from New York.

3 years later I went back to North America! In my master’s program, I had a semester abroad in Mexico City, and I lived in the Mexican capital for 4 months (January to April 2017), taking every opportunity to travel the country extensively!