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Product Review: YI Technology 4K+ Action Cam

Shooting in Sudan with the Selfie with the YI Technology 4K+ Action Cam

Note: I received the YI Technology 4K+ action camera as a sponsored product. Therefore, this article includes advertisement for the brand. As always, all opinions are my own. This post also contains affiliate links. If you buy a product through these links, I receive a small commission. However, the price will not become more expensive for you. All affiliate links are marked with a *.

Since I’m traveling so much around the world – many times solo – good pictures and videos are very important to me in order to save all these experiences as memories. While I first focused on taking nice pictures, I started to get more and more into videos in the recent years. Therefore, I required a good and convenient action camera in order to capture all these unique moments and experiences on my travels. I tried taking videos with my camera for pictures, I bought a very cheap action camera – but I’ve ever been satisfied with the quality. I considered buying a Go Pro, although they are very expensive. And finally, I received the YI 4K+!

With the YI Technology 4K+ action camera, I found the perfect video camera for me – here’s why!

At the pyramids with the YI Technology 4K+ Action Cam
Selfie with the YI Technology 4K+ Action Cam at the pyramids in Egypt


The YI Technology 4K+ is very small and handy and fits perfectly in my pocket (although I carry it on a selfie stick most of the time). The camera is also quite light and therefore a great travel companion. The big touch screen is easy to work with and reacts very fast. Therefore, the cam is very easy and handy to use.

Quality and Resolution

The picture and video quality of the 4K+ camera are great. There are several settings which you can change about footage quality and resolution and it’s even possible to shoot in 4K mode. You can also take your pictures in RAW mode, which makes them perfect to edit in Lightroom. The 4K+ camera also has the wide angle which you probably know from the Go Pro or from other cameras. I especially love the time lapse setting, which is perfect for sunsets.

Here’s a quick word of warning – the higher you put the quality, the more difficult it will be for your laptop to edit your footage afterward since the files will be huge. My MacBook Air couldn’t handle the 4K files and I had to convert them. After changing some settings on my YI 4K+, I got the 1080 Ultra resolution which produces a great quality and the files are small enough to work with them.

Camera equipment

The camera comes with a lot of equipment so that you can use it every situation – for example for diving with the waterproof case, or as a camera on your helmet when mountain biking or skiing.

Additionally, I recommend buying a gimbal or a selfie stick in order to film in a stable way and in order to get yourself into the shot as well.


The YI 4K+ is much cheaper than its competitor, the Go Pro 6. While you can buy the YI 4K+ for as little as 280€, the Go Pro 6 will still cost you more than 400€. However, YI can definitely keep up with Go Pro’s quality and is in many ways even better and more convenient than its rival.

Finally, the YI Technology 4K+ Action Cam is a high-quality action camera, perfect for my travels and a great and cheaper alternative to the Go Pro. I was already able to produce great videos with this camera and I’m looking forward to keeping using it for my next trips.

Are you convinced? Buy the YI Technology 4K+ here for the best price!

If you want to see more of the content and quality that the YI 4K+ has to offer, have a look at these two videos I created with footage of the action camera.

Using the YI 4K+ while backpacking Bali

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Using the YI4K+ while backpacking India (Kerala)

[kad_youtube url=”” ]


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