About Me – German Backpacker

Hey there, I’m happy that you’re here – welcome to my travel blog!

I’m glad that you ended up on this page. While my articles are normally full of useful information and facts about my travel destinations, I would also like to tell you a little bit more about the person behind “German Backpacker”.

I’m Patrick, a world traveler and business graduate from southern Germany (yes, my home village has only 6 inhabitants!) but now at home in the whole world. During my childhood, I didn’t have many opportunities to travel and there was always something that prevented any big trips. Luckily, my business studies at university gave me many wonderful opportunities to combine studies and travel. During those years, I went on exchange semesters to California and Mexico, volunteered in Africa and did an internship in South Korea. In addition to that, I also used my semester holidays for extensive backpacking trips around the world. For example, I spent lots of time in Southeast Asia (i.e. in Vietnam, Myanmar, Indonesia and Thailand), visited India and China and did a trip from Europe to Asia on the Trans-Siberian Railway. During my years at university, I also spent 4 months in South America and travelled overland from Egypt through Sudan and into Ethiopia. Good times!

However, I’m not on a non-stop around the world trip, but managed to finish my Bachelor’s as well as my Master’s degree in Management as well as several business internships in the meantime. Yes, it’s been a few busy years – but I feel like I did well in combining travels and studies in the best way possible.

After graduating from my Masters degree in summer 2018, I started working full time as a professional travel blogger and turned my passion into my career. Thanks to this website, I already had amazing travel opportunities to popular places such as Sri Lanka, London and Jordan, but also to exotic and off-the-path destinations such as Kyrgyzstan and Pakistan.

If you want to read more about my decision to jump from university into full time travel blogging, check out my review of 2018!

But enough about me, because this blog is about you! I run this website to share my travel experiences, my stories and my knowledge and I hope to inspire you to pack your backpack or suitcase and venture out for your next big adventure soon!

I’m always happy to hear from you – feel free to send me a message!