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10 best Things to Do in Inle Lake (+important travel tips)!

Visiting the fishermen as best things to do in Inle lake Myanmar

For most tourists on a trip through Myanmar, visiting famous Inle Lake is one of the best things to do when backpacking Myanmar. The Inle Lake is particularly famous for the fishermen, who acrobatically balance on the boat while fishing. Here I would like to give you more information about the best things to do […]

Myanmar Backpacking: Highlights, Travel Tips, Safety, Budget + More!

Visiting Bagan while backpacking Myanmar

Backpacking Myanmar is becoming more and more popular recently since the country is still considered to be less developed and thus “more real” than the well-known travel destinations in Southeast Asia such as Thailand and Vietnam. Although Myanmar is currently (as of 2019) certainly not completely untouched and non-touristic anymore, Myanmar is clearly different from […]

Backpacking Yangon: Highlights, Attractions + Travel Tips!

Shwedagon Pagoda while backpacking Yangon

Yangon was the last stop on my Myanmar backpacking trip. And I quickly realized that Yangon is different than Myanmar’s other destinations. Yangon is loud, hectic, dirty, messy – but still very worth seeing! If you have not been to Southeast Asia so far, you may experience a little culture shock here. But I recommend […]

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