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Indonesia Backpacking: 6 Highlights You Have to Visit!

Backpacking in Komodo in Indonesien

An Indonesia backpacking trip is a great experience and the country has a lot to offer and explore with its countless islands. I have traveled to Indonesia twice – during my first trip, I traveled from Java to Bali with my backpack, during my second visit I brought some more time and settled down in […]

Colombia Backpacking Guide: Safety, Highlights + Attractions!

Die bunten Straßen in Cartagena, Kolumbien

After being considered to be one of the most dangerous travel destinations in the world for decades, lost in the drug war and violence, Colombia’s image is changing and the country is now a safe and emerging destination for people from all over the world. And for good reason – Colombia Backpacking has everything a […]

Backpacking Bali Guide: Highlights, Safety, Budget + Travel Tips!

Bali backpacking in the rice terraces in the north

Bali is one of the most popular travel destinations in Asia – the island has a lot to offer! I spent more than two months backpacking Bali and explored many different regions of the island. Read more about the best places to visit and all the information you need for your next Bali Backpacking trip! […]

Backpacking Kerala: 7 Reasons to Visit Kerala + the best Kerala Tourist Places!

Fahrt durch die indischen Backwaters in Kerala

Note: My second trip through Kerala was sponsored by Kerala Tourism and therefore contains advertisement for the state Kerala. As always, all reviews and opinions are my own. Backpacking Kerala is easy, fun and a wonderful experience. Kerala is the southernmost state of India and one of the most beautiful regions in the country. I spent some […]

Backpacking Mexico Guide: Safety, Budget, Itinerary + More!

With a Mexican flag at the end of my backpacking Mexico adventure

I lived in Mexico City for 4 months for a semester abroad as part of my Master studies. During this time, I got the chance to see a lot of the country while backpacking Mexico. I absolutely fell in love with the Mexican culture, the diverse landscape, the lovely people, and the incredible places I […]