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For years I really wanted to travel to South America. Unfortunately, this continent is not quite as well and cheaply accessible from Europe as Asia. Since the flights were expensive and the distances were far, I immediately knew that I would definitely need enough time for backpacking in South America.

After completing my semester abroad in Mexico in the spring of 2017, I still had several months left before my studies continued in Germany. The perfect opportunity to finally explore South America! From Mexico I was able to fly cheaply to Colombia and from there I traveled the continent. I went further south, through Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia and finally through the north of Chile and Argentina into Brazil.

Here, my South America surprisingly came to an end – I was selected by the Tourism Board in New Zealand for a campaign and was flown from Rio directly to New Zealand. Otherwise, I had planned to travel to the north of Brazil. I would like to return to South America soon anyway – in the South American summer, so that I can explore the great landscape in Patagonia!

Die bunten Straßen in Cartagena, Kolumbien

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With a huge tree during the Amazon tour

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Jumping in the air after backpacking to Machu Picchu

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Many police men making your backpacking trip in South America safe

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Have a look at the countries in South America that I already visited:

Countries I visited in South America
Countries I visited in South America