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Africa is often considered the most difficult continent for travelers – and with good reason. The tourism infrastructure is often non-existent, some countries are unstable and well-known for their high crime rate, and the costs are very often high. For me, it is fascinating and unimaginable how some of the world’s poorest countries are among the world’s most expensive destinations. Backpackers in particular often find it difficult to travel the continent on a low budget. However, it is possible!

I lived in Mauritius for six weeks during my undergraduate studies in early 2013 and was part of a volunteering program with Aiesec. In my international team we tried to draw attention to the pollution of the oceans on the island.

At the end of my Bachelor in Summer 2014, I planned to travel to Morocco with three friends. Since these have canceled at the last minute, I went alone – my first solo backpacking trip!

It was not until fall 2016 when I finally returned to Africa. I had the chance to travel with a local friend for a month around Kenya – this is still one of the greatest travel experiences I’ve ever had! Africa is fascinating, impressive and breathtaking. And I really wanted to see more of this continent.

In winter of 2018, I went with a friend to travel from Egypt overland through Sudan to Ethiopia. The journey was amazing and incredibly impressive and I am looking forward to discovering more of Africa hopefully soon!

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