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Visiting the Blue Lagoon Cyprus (Paphos): Everything you need to know!

Clear water of the blue lagoon in Paphos region Cyprus

Cyprus’ blue lagoon is probably the most beautiful spot that I visited on my recent trip around Paphos. I seriously couldn’t believe how crystal clear and blue that water actually is! Here you’ll find all information regarding a cruise to the blue lagoon of Cyprus.

Do you want to visit the Blue Lagoon? Here are the details in a nutshell!

• Organize your tour independently: You need to get to the village of Latchi on the northern coast (either by rental car or by public local bus – plan enough time!). Once you’re there, walk around the promenade and ask around for tour operators who run the blue lagoon boat cruises. Read below for more details!
• Book your tour in advance: If you don’t want to organize your own transport and reserve your spot in advance, you can book your blue lagoon boat cruise (including hotel pick-up!) through the reputable booking platform HERE! In this case, you’ll get picked up at your hotel and don’t need to organize anything by yourself – my recommendation!


Flag of Cyprus
Beautiful Cyprus!

Where is the blue lagoon Cyprus?

The blue lagoon in Cyprus is located in the region of Paphos, on the western side of the island. On the north-western tip of Cyprus, you’ll find the Akamas Peninsula National Park of which the blue lagoon is part of.

Views of the Akamas National Park Cyprus
The Akamas National Park

How to visit the blue lagoon in Paphos, Cyprus?

The best way to visit the blue lagoon is by boat. Several tour companies run daily cruises along the Akamas coast towards the blue lagoon and the most convenient starting point is the fishing village Latchi on the northern tip of Paphos. From the city of Paphos in the south, it’s only an approximate 1-hour drive on the fast road to the north of Cyprus.

The journey is easy if you own a rental car. However, there are also busses leaving from the city of Paphos to Latchi – just plan enough time. The following two bus routes will bring you to Latchi:

  • 618 Paphos Harbour to Karavella + 645 Karavella to Polis + 622 Polis to Latchi
  • 648 Coral Bay to Polis + 622 Polis to Latchi

If you don’t want to get to the departure port independently, you can book a boat cruise around the blue lagoon including pickup from your hotel in Paphos in advance online here!

| Tip

To make your trip more comfortable and convenient, you can rent a car using Rentalcars, where you will be able to choose the most suitable option for you in advance


View of boat at Latchi harbor
At the harbor in Latchi

There are several tour agencies offering a cruise around the blue lagoon Cyprus. In my opinion, the offered services are rather similar. Personally, I went with a company called Alkion and had a good experience. During the summer months, most tour companies offer cruises two times a day – one in the morning (around 10:30am) and one in the afternoon (around 2pm).

Some companies also offer a sunset cruise in the evening. Since there are so many tour agencies, I don’t think that booking in advance is mandatory. While I walked around the harbour, I could spot all the different agencies and boats promoting their tours and it seemed to be easy just to walk around, compare prices and choose one of the agencies.

I paid 20€ for my blue lagoon Cyprus cruise with Alkion (children only pay half of the price). Some companies also offer barbecue on deck – however, expect to pay a little bit more.

You could also visit the Akamas national park and the blue lagoon Cyprus by car / jeep. However, please keep in mind that the roads are rather adventurous and therefore, a four-wheeler is needed. Some agencies also offer jeep safaris around the Akamas national park, which might be the more convenient solution.

View from the sun deck of the blue lagoon
On the sun deck – with the blue lagoon Cyprus behind me!

My boat tour to the blue lagoon Cyprus

I was on the morning cruise, and once the boat was full, we left the harbour around 10:30am and started our boat journey towards the blue lagoon. There’s a sun deck on top (which I avoided most of the time due to the incredible heat in August), a sitting area below with tables and benches as well as the lower deck, where you can see the sea through the glass bottom. Most people spent their time at the sitting area.

Tables on the boat
The sitting area in the boat
View through the glass bottom
The glass bottom at the lower deck

While we were cruising along the Akamas coast, speakers gave us information about the rock formations at the coast and the national park every now and then in Greek and English. From the boat, you’ll see the famous “Baths of Aphrodite“ as well as several other bays and points of interest.

View of the ocean while on the way to the blue lagoon cyprus
On the way to the blue lagoon Cyprus

At the blue lagoon of Paphos, Cyprus

After about an hour, we arrived at the beautiful blue lagoon of Paphos, Cyprus! Our boat stopped, and we had enough time to go for a swim in the crystal-clear water. While there were several other boat companies, I didn’t experience the lagoon as too crowded (although I visited during peak season in August).

Every boat seemed to have its own space and the passengers were able to jump into the water and go for a swim. Life jackets were provided if needed. The water was very warm but refreshing. Since its so clear, the blue lagoon of Cyprus is also perfect for snorkelling. On board, we got offered complimentary wine, soft drinks and watermelon. At the bar, you’re also able to purchase other snacks.

After around one hour at the blue lagoon, everyone went back on the boat and we continued our journey back to Latchi harbour. Around 1:30pm, our boat arrived in Latchi.

Me smiling at the blue lagoon in Cyprus
Happy at the blue lagoon Cyprus!

Visiting the blue lagoon Cyprus – my review

I enjoyed my cruise to the blue lagoon in Paphos to the fullest and it’s been certainly one of my highlights on my recent trip around Cyprus. The Akamas coastline is stunning and a boat journey is probably the best way to visit and explore the national park.

Generally, the region of Paphos has much to offer and I can only recommend everyone to explore the area instead of only staying in Paphos town. Cyprus is beautiful – and the blue lagoon is certainly one of Cyprus’ big highlights!

You’d like to organize and book your blue lagoon cruise in advance online? You can book a tour including pickup at your hotel HERE!


My boat journey with a Cyprus flag
Exploring Paphos, Cyprus by boat

Note: My trip was sponsored by Agrotourism Cyprus. Therefore, this article includes advertisement about the destination. As always, all opinion and reviews are my own.


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