How to stay connected in Asia: A Guide to Using eSIMs

Looking for a convenient and cost-effective way to stay connected while traveling in Asia? Look no further than eSIMs. In this blog post, I’ll explore the benefits of using eSIMs for travel in Asia, provide practical tips for using them, and introduce Holafly eSIM as a reliable option for those in need of cheap eSIMs […]

2020 in Review: The year that changed everything!

On a boat in the Philippines

I exactly remember the moment when I was sitting on the beach in Canggu, Bali with my travel blogger friends Janet and Taylor in January 2020. A cold beer in our hands, we were watching the beautiful sunset like every evening, talking about life and what the future might bring. We all settled in Bali […]

Cool and Unusual Things to do in the Philippines

Coastline in the Philippines

White sand beaches, clear blue waters, and amazing marine life – these are just some of the reasons more and more travelers are including the Philippines in their itineraries. With over 7,100 islands, this tropical country is no doubt becoming a sizzling destination to experience summer all year round. But this archipelagic gem in Southeast […]

Highlights & Lowlights: What To See In Beijing (+What To Skip!)

Panorama of Beijing skyline

If you’ve only got a short amount of time to explore Beijing (you might be taking advantage of the 144-hour visa free policy!) then you’re going to want to see the very best spots. Don’t waste your time with every single one of the touristy activities that aren’t actually that interesting! There are, of course, some must-sees […]

7 Vital Details to Consider Before Hiking Up Kilimanjaro

View from Kilimanjaro from the foot

The decision to hike up Kilimanjaro is not one that is made lightly. So we are here to help you prepare both mentally and physically for this epic adventure to the Roof of Africa. Kilimanjaro is no walk in the park. At 5,895 meters (19,341 feet) above sea level, this freestanding mountain in Tanzania, East Africa, […]

Looking back on 2 years of Travel Blogging: My honest Review!

Person in hammock on beach

Wow – I can’t believe it’s already been two years since I launched this travel website. What started as a coincidence (more on that later) slowly became a crucial part of my life. In those two years, my hobby became my online business and my passion for traveling became my job and routine. Time to […]

Backpacking Budapest: 22 Travel Tips for Hungary’s capital!

Views of the city with person in the front when backpacking Budapest

Budapest is a great destination for a city trip and I personally had a great time in the capital of Hungary. With this article I would like to tell you everything you need to know for your backpacking Budapest trip! With those Budapest travel tips, you’ll be perfectly prepared for your time in the city. […]

Backpacking Jordan: Things to Do, Itinerary, Budget, Safety + Travel Tips!

Backpacking Jordan in Petra

Jordan is becoming increasingly popular as a tourist destination – and with good reason! The country in the Middle East has much to offer. In addition to the famous rock city of Petra (one of the new 7 wonders of the world!), you will find here the great scenery of the Wadi Rum Desert, the […]

Backpacking Israel: Things to Do, Itinerary, Safety, Budget + Travel Tips!

View of Jerusalem while backpacking Israel

Israel is a fascinating travel destination and my backpacking trip there was full of great and interesting moments and experiences. Here I would like to give you all the important information and travel tips, as well as the best Israel attractions that you should not miss. In addition to the most famous destinations, such as […]

Backpacking London on a budget: 39 Highlights + 13 Travel Tips!

View of the city from the Shard building while backpacking London

London has so much to see, and a visit to the city is well worth it. Whether you love culture, history, or nature – in London you’ll find a bit everything. With so many London attractions to offer, you should definitely allow enough time for your visit to the British capital. Although you can visit […]

Backpacking Ireland on a Budget: 35 Highlights & Travel Tips!

View of landscape when backpacking Ireland

Ireland is an exciting country to visit and has a lot to offer – the rough coastline, they ancient castles, the green meadows, the lush forests – there’s much to do and to see on the island! Besides beautiful nature and scenery, the country is also known for its unique culture and the typical Irish […]

Backpacking Dublin: Budget Travel Tips, Highlights & Attractions

Cathedral when traveling Dublin on a budget

Are you planning a trip to Dublin? Awesome! The Irish capital is a fun and exciting city with lots to offer. In the following, I will tell you everything you need to know about backpacking Dublin, including important budget travel tips and the best highlights, attractions and places to visit and see! Backpacking Dublin Travel […]

Backpacking Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City): 19 Things to Do + 8 Travel Tips!

City Hall: Things to do when backpacking Saigon

When traveling around Vietnam, you shouldn’t miss the bustling Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) in the south of the country. Saigon is not only great for ending or starting your Vietnam trip due to the well-connected international airport, but also has some cool attractions to offer. Here I tell you everything you need to know […]

Backpacking Hanoi: 20 best things to do (+9 Hanoi travel tips!)

Busy market streets when backpacking Hanoi

Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, is for many travelers the starting or ending point of a Vietnam backpacking trip. The city’s international airport makes it easy to reach Hanoi, and since most tourists travel the country from north to south or vice versa, sooner or later you will arrive in Hanoi. I enjoyed my stay […]

Backpacking Vietnam Guide: Budget, Routes, Highlights + Travel Tips!

Halong Bay tour when backpacking Vietnam

Vietnam is one of the most popular backpacker destinations in the world and there are some good reasons why this Southeast Asian country is perfect for backpacking. In Vietnam, you have delicious food, an exotic culture as well as varied landscapes and sights. In addition, Vietnam is incredibly cheap to travel and for many people, […]

10 best Things to Do in Inle Lake (+important travel tips)!

Visiting the fishermen as best things to do in Inle lake Myanmar

For most tourists on a trip through Myanmar, visiting famous Inle Lake is one of the best things to do when backpacking Myanmar. The Inle Lake is particularly famous for the fishermen, who acrobatically balance on the boat while fishing. Here I would like to give you more information about the best things to do […]

Backpacking Madrid: 18 Places to Visit + 7 Important Travel Tips!

Royal palace madrid

If you’d ask me for my favorite cities in Europe, Spain’s capital Madrid would easily make it on the list (same as London and Prague!). For me, Spain is one of the best destinations to visit in Europe and although many travelers tend to skip Madrid and rather head to Barcelona, I actually prefer Madrid […]

Myanmar Backpacking: Highlights, Travel Tips, Safety, Budget + More!

Visiting Bagan while backpacking Myanmar

Backpacking Myanmar is becoming more and more popular recently since the country is still considered to be less developed and thus “more real” than the well-known travel destinations in Southeast Asia such as Thailand and Vietnam. Although Myanmar is currently (as of 2019) certainly not completely untouched and non-touristic anymore, Myanmar is clearly different from […]

Backpacking Yangon: Highlights, Attractions + Travel Tips!

Shwedagon Pagoda while backpacking Yangon

Yangon was the last stop on my Myanmar backpacking trip. And I quickly realized that Yangon is different than Myanmar’s other destinations. Yangon is loud, hectic, dirty, messy – but still very worth seeing! If you have not been to Southeast Asia so far, you may experience a little culture shock here. But I recommend […]

Backpacking Thailand Guide: Highlights, Travel Tips + More!

Boats on the islands while backpacking Thailand

Thailand is considered a backpacking mecca and as the perfect “beginner country” for backpackers in Southeast Asia. Thus, for me Thailand was the first destination of my first big solo backpacking adventure. I remember exactly how excited I was when, in the summer of 2014, I flew alone with my backpack from Germany to Bangkok […]

Backpacking Chiang Mai Guide: Highlights + Travel Tips!

Backpacking Chiang Mai Guide

The city of Chiang Mai in the north of Thailand is incredibly popular with backpackers (for a good reason!) and should not be missed on any Thailand backpacking trip! Chiang Mai is considered the spiritual center of the country with an incredible number of temples and is also the starting point for excursions and tours […]

Backpacking Bangkok: A Travel Guide (Highlights, Tips + More)

All information for backpacking Bangkok

Bangkok, also known as the “City of Angels”, is one of Asia’s most fascinating metropolises and a popular destination for backpackers from all over the world. The capital of Thailand is loud, chaotic, dirty, modern, wild, hot, exhausting, exciting – and simply unique. For many travelers and backpackers, Bangkok is also the first stop on […]

Indonesia Backpacking: 6 Highlights You Have to Visit!

Backpacking in Komodo in Indonesien

An Indonesia backpacking trip is a great experience and the country has a lot to offer and explore with its countless islands. I have traveled to Indonesia twice – during my first trip, I traveled from Java to Bali with my backpack, during my second visit I brought some more time and settled down in […]

Malta Backpacking Guide (+Gozo): Highlights, Places to See, Travel Tips!

backpacking malta - view of Valletta

The small island nation of Malta, south of Sicily, is increasingly becoming a popular getaway destination for tourists and backpackers especially from Europe. And for a good reason! Because in Malta you will find relaxed island life, lots of sunshine, great coastlines and an interesting culture! This is all you need for a vacation. Conveniently, […]

Backpacking Barcelona: Highlights, Attractions + Travel Tips!

View of the skyline while backpacking Barcelona

Barcelona is a fun destination and a perfect city break in Europe for backpackers! The location by the sea and plenty of sunshine guarantee a great time and with all the sights and attractions in Barcelona you will not be bored. Practically, you can reach the city also very cheap with lots of low budget […]

Backpacking Kenya: 10 incredible places you shouldn’t miss!

Backpacking to the northern part of Kenya

Kenya is an incredibly diverse and great country that has much to offer. I spent a month backpacking in Kenya and had an exciting and fun time. Here I will tell you about the best places you have to visit when backpacking Kenia. Are you interested in traveling Africa? These articles might be useful for […]

Backpacking Sri Lanka Guide: Travel Tips + Places to Visit!

Sri Lanka Backpacking by train

Sri Lanka is a great destination for backpacking and the island has so much to offer. I travelled to Sri Lanka in July 2018 and had an exciting and enjoyable time. Here I will give you 9 reasons why you will love backpacking Sri Lanka. Further, I will tell you more about the best places […]

Agrotourism Cyprus: Exploring Rural Paphos

View of the blue lagoon in Paphos

My trip was kindly sponsored by Agrotourism Cyprus and therefore involves advertisement for tourism in Cyprus. As always, all opinions and reviews are my own. I didn’t know much about Cyprus. Therefore, I was super excited when I got invited to spend 5 days on the island with Agrotourism Cyprus in the beginning of August […]

Backpacking Germany Guide: Highlights, Travel Tips + More!

Fluss in Berlin als eines der Deutschland Reiseziele

When tourists from overseas visit Europe, Germany might not be on top of most travellers’ bucket lists – there are just too many popular European destinations such as London, Prague or Rome to visit instead. And the few people who decide to visit Germany mostly stick solely to the main cities, such as hip and […]

Backpacking Ethiopia Guide: Highlights, Travel Tips + Safety!

Danakil Depression tour to Dallol

Not many tourists decide to backpack around Ethiopia – since Ethiopia is different than the typical travel destinations. Ethiopia is adventurous, hard to reach, underdeveloped. Maybe even dangerous? Generally, you know and hear little about Ethiopia as a backpacking destination. Nevertheless, the country has sparked my interest and I have decided to travel from Egypt […]

Backpacking Prague Guide: These are the best Places to Visit!

View of the city center of Prague on a backpacking trip

Prague is an exciting, vibrant and fun place for backpackers – the city is full of history, culture and you will be able to have a fantastic time even if you’re traveling on a low budget. I’ve visited Prague a few year ago with my family and can’t wait to explore the city again very […]

Colombia Backpacking Guide: Safety, Highlights + Attractions!

Colorful orange wall with two people in Cartagena while backpacking Colombia

After being considered to be one of the most dangerous travel destinations in the world for decades, lost in the drug war and violence, Colombia’s image is changing and the country is now a safe and emerging destination for people from all over the world. And for good reason – Colombia Backpacking has everything a […]

Visiting the Blue Lagoon Cyprus (Paphos): Everything you need to know!

Clear water of the blue lagoon in Paphos region Cyprus

Cyprus’ blue lagoon is probably the most beautiful spot that I visited on my recent trip around Paphos. I seriously couldn’t believe how crystal clear and blue that water actually is! Here you’ll find all information regarding a cruise to the blue lagoon of Cyprus. Do you want to visit the Blue Lagoon? Here are […]

Backpacking Pakistan: These are the 9 best places to visit in Pakistan!

Attabad Lake in northern Pakistan

Pakistan is beautiful, and I enjoyed my visit to its fullest. However, Pakistan is also a country you might not know much about, and due to its size, it might be difficult to decide the best places to visit when backpacking Pakistan. I visited Pakistan as part of the IESS program (read more about my […]

Backpacking Sudan Travel Guide: Highlights, Safety, Budget + Tips!

Nuri pyramids in Sudan

Let’s be honest – a backpacking Sudan trip is probably something that only a few backpackers and tourists have in mind. We know too little about this African country, the security concerns are too big. In fact, Sudan has a turbulent political past with the civil war and the subsequent secession of South Sudan. Accordingly, […]

Backpacking Bali Guide: Highlights, Safety, Budget + Travel Tips!

Bali backpacking in the rice terraces in the north

Bali is one of the most popular travel destinations in Asia – the island has a lot to offer! I spent more than two months backpacking Bali and explored many different regions of the island. Read more about the best places to visit and all the information you need for your next Bali Backpacking trip! […]

Backpacking Morocco Guide: Highlights, Safety + Travel Tips!

Ait Benhaddou in Morocco

Morocco was the first country where I went solo backpacking – and I loved it! While a backpacking Morocco trip is very different from traveling through other African countries, such as Kenya, Egypt, Sudan or Ethiopia, I can highly recommend it. In the following, I will give you several reasons why Morocco is perfect for […]

Backpacking Kerala: 7 Reasons to Visit Kerala + the best Kerala Tourist Places!

Cruising on a river on my backpacking Kerala trip

Note: My second trip through Kerala was sponsored by Kerala Tourism and therefore contains advertisement for the state Kerala. As always, all reviews and opinions are my own. Backpacking Kerala is easy, fun and a wonderful experience. Kerala is the southernmost state of India and one of the most beautiful regions in the country. I spent some […]

Bali Canggu: 12 Reasons Why You’ll love Canggu, Bali!

View of the rice fields in Canggu Bali

Bali Canggu is one of the most popular digital nomad and backpacker hotspots in Asia. During my first trip to Bali three years ago, almost no one knew Canggu – but nowadays, the place is a hyped Bali destination – especially for young people and for people who settle in Bali for a longer period. […]

Backpacking Egypt Guide: Safety, Highlights, Travel Tips + More!

Egypt backpacking places you have to see

Egypt is a country full of culture, history, and great sights and therefore worth a visit. In early 2018, I backpacked Egypt from Cairo along the Nile to the south, to Luxor and Aswan and to the border with Sudan. In the following, I will give you plenty of good reasons why you should visit Egypt […]

Backpacking Singapore: Highlights, Attractions + Travel Tips!

What you need to know about backpacking Singapore

Putting Singapore into words is not that easy. Because Singapore is a lot – modern, expensive, clean, futuristic, safe, sterile, diverse. And above all, Singapore is unique – and therefore absolutely worth seeing. Singapore and its sights and attractions can not be compared to other cities in Asia. In Singapore, you don’t have the hectic […]

Kuala Lumpur Backpacking: Highlights, Travel Tips + More!

Skyline of Kuala Lumpur when backpacking

The Malaysian capital Kuala Lumpur is a bit less known and popular with backpackers than the neighboring cities of Bangkok or Singapore, but a visit to the metropolis is worth it. Kuala Lumpur is an interesting melting pot of different cultures, religions and ethnic groups – there is a lot to see and to discover. […]

Backpacking Romania: 10 reasons why you have to visit Romania!

View on Sibiu in Transylvania, a must-do on a backpacking Romania trip

Note: My trip was sponsored by Experience Romania. Therefore, this article includes advertisement about the destination. As always, all opinion and reviews are my own. I didn’t know a lot about Romania. But when I got invited to travel around the country for two weeks as part of the Experience Romania project, I didn’t need […]

India Backpacking Guide: Highlights + Best Places to Visit!

Elephant in river in Hampi while backpacking India

India polarizes like no other country in the world – one loves it or one hates it. The colors, the smells, the food, the noise, the chaos, the poverty, the wealth, the temples, the beaches, the mountains, the traffic, the markets – India has it all, and India’s sights are absolutely unique. I love India, […]

VPN China Travel: How to access Facebook, Google + WhatsApp on holiday in China!

Information about internet access with a VPN in China, picture of Xian

China is a great travel destination and there are many good reasons why a China holiday is worth it. Nevertheless, you should be well prepared for your travels. Because in China, you’ll quickly realize that you cannot easily use many popular websites and apps, such as WhatsApp, Google, Facebook and Instagram, in the country. Because […]

23 Backpacking China Travel Tips You Need to Know!

Backpacking China travel tips view of beijing

China is a unique backpacking destination and offers an exciting culture, great scenery and a fascinating travel experience. Therefore, you should be well prepared for a backpacking China journey, because the country is not only very different from Europe, but also from the other travel destinations in Asia. I’ve traveled to China for a whole […]

Backpacking Dubai: How to spend one day in Dubai!

Fountains during sunset while backpacking dubai

When flying back to Europe from my backpacking trip around India with Emirates, I spend one day in Dubai. I had a one-day layover in Dubai and I had luckily enough time to leave the airport to spend the day in Dubai! My plane landed around noon in Dubai International Airport (DXB). I left the airport […]

Backpacking Kazakhstan: Why you should visit Astana + Semey!

Skyline of Astana while backpacking Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan was always this big, unknown country I didn’t know anything about. Unless the stereotypes Borat provides – a topic you shouldn’t mention to locals! When mapping out my Trans-Siberian Railway trip, I realized how close I’ll actually scratch the country. That’s when I thought “why not – let’s make a detour”! I didn’t regret […]

Backpacking Mexico Guide: Safety, Budget, Itinerary + More!

With a Mexican flag at the end of my backpacking Mexico adventure

I lived in Mexico City for 4 months for a semester abroad as part of my Master studies. During this time, I got the chance to see a lot of the country while backpacking Mexico. I absolutely fell in love with the Mexican culture, the diverse landscape, the lovely people, and the incredible places I […]

Backpacking Cuba Guide: Safety, Budget, Visa + Itinerary!

The capitol of Havana with a nice retro car in front

In the last few years after travel restrictions got lifted, Cuba became one of these hip destinations everyone wants to visit as soon as possible „before the crowds discover it” and “before it gets too touristy”. Well, I need to disappoint you – it’s too late. The crowds are already there and Cuba is full […]

Trans-Siberian Railway Travel Guide: Safety, Budget + Experiences!

St. Petersburg sights as my first stop on the Transsiberian Railway

The Trans-Siberian Railway – the greatest train journey in the world, spanning over two continents, 7 time zones and thousands of kilometers – the connection of Europe and Asia, a part of so many bucket lists and the dream of every traveler. When I visited China in summer 2015, I met some people who finished […]

Is South America dangerous? 11 Tips to stay safe traveling South America!

Many police men making your backpacking trip in South America safe

One question I received a lot recently after returning from my 4-months backpacking trip around the continent was “how safe is South America?” This is an important question, and this guide will show you how to stay safe when backpacking South America! Unfortunately, South America’s reputation in terms of safety is not the best, and […]

Backpacking Abu Dhabi: How to Spend One Day in Abu Dhabi

Must visit on one day in Abu Dhabi is Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

Abu Dhabi may not be a glitz capital like her sister Dubai, but there’s much to see and do in this Emirate. From the Grand Mosque to Ferrari World and the Louvre, Abu Dhabi has a series of attractions that’ll take days to enjoy in full. However, if you have just one day to spend […]

International Women’s Day: 5 once in a lifetime trips where you can give back!

Local women in India

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post in collaboration with G Adventures and therefore includes advertisement. The article contains affiliate links (marked with *) and if you buy a product through these links, I will receive a small commission. There won’t be any extra cost for you and the commission helps me running this website. Thanks […]

Thailand Island Hopping Guide: The 22 best Islands + Beaches!

Maya Bay as part of my Thailand island hopping itinerary

Thailand is world-famous for its beautiful beaches and islands. On the countless islands of Thailand, you can enjoy your holiday while relaxing on idyllic sandy beaches, celebrate at wild parties all night long, explore great nature by scooter, go snorkeling and diving or simply indulge yourself in a luxury resort. In Thailand, everyone will find […]

Backpacking Ecuador: The Amazon Tour in Ecuador!

With a huge tree during the Amazon tour

A tour into the Amazon in Ecuador is a highlight of a backpacking trip around Ecuador and a must-do in South America. I was thinking a lot about the different options and countries to do a tour into the Amazon rainforest. Finally, I decided on an Amazon tour in Ecuador. The reason why I decided to […]

2018 in Review: About Travels, Career and Personal Changes

nuri pyramids in sudan

Normally, my travel blog focuses more on practical and helpful articles and less on my private life. However, I’d still like to share with you a personal review of everything that happened in my life in 2018. Generally, 2018 was a great year for me. Sure, like every year, it had some ups and downs […]

5 Reasons Why Pakistan is my Favourite Country in the World!

Best reasons to visit Pakistan

After travelling to more than 60 countries, there’s one question which I get all the time: “What’s your favourite country in the world”? This question was always very difficult, almost impossible to answer. There are just too many beautiful and exciting destinations in the world. However, after my recent trip to Pakistan, there’s one country […]

IESS Pakistan at IBA Karachi – My Experience & Review

My participation at IESS Summer School was kindly sponsored by IBA Karachi. Therefore, this article includes advertisement for the IESS summer school in Karachi. However, as always, all reviews and opinions are my own. Let’s be honest – Pakistan is not a typical tourist destination and many travellers would never consider visiting. The country has […]

Arcido Faroe Backpack Review

Arcido Faroe Backpack Review

I received the backpack for free in order to review it on my website. All opinions are, as always, my own. Further, this article includes affiliate links and I get a small commission if you buy a product through the link on this site. However, there won’t be any extra cost for you. I love […]

Backpacking Maui: 7 Things to do for Adventure Lovers!

Conveniently nestled between Big Island and the smaller Molokai, this popular Hawaiian tourism spot is divided into five distinct regions, each having their own charm and should not be missed. In the following, you will find some of the unmissable attractions when backpacking Maui. Why should you go backpacking in Maui? The innumerable attractions and […]

Product Review: YI Technology 4K+ Action Cam

Shooting in Sudan with the Selfie with the YI Technology 4K+ Action Cam

Note: I received the YI Technology 4K+ action camera as a sponsored product. Therefore, this article includes advertisement for the brand. As always, all opinions are my own. This post also contains affiliate links. If you buy a product through these links, I receive a small commission. However, the price will not become more expensive […]

Hotel Review 22Weligambay, Sri Lanka

View from the room on the beach

My stay at 22Weligambay was kindly sponsored by the hotel management team. Therefore, this article includes advertisement for the hotel. As always, all opinions and experiences are my own. After my tour around Sri Lanka as part of a media trip with Sri Lanka tourism, I extended my visit for a few more days in […]

Backpacking Machu Picchu: These are your options!

Jumping in the air after backpacking to Machu Picchu

Backpacking to Machu Picchu is a must-do and one of the highlights in South America – but it can easily get confusing due to the various options to reach this wonder of the world. Before and after visiting Machu Picchu, you will most likely spend a few days and nights in Cusco (one of my […]

Africa Backpacking Guide: Destinations, Highlights + Travel Tips!

All information about africa backpacking (walking in the desert)

Africa Backpacking Guide: Destinations, Highlights & Tips! Here you will find all information about backpacking in Africa! Below, I’ll give you travel tips on the best destinations in Africa as well as lots of other information worth knowing to help you prepare for your Africa backpacking trip. Africa is often considered the most difficult continent […]