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Backpacking Madrid: 18 Places to Visit + 7 Important Travel Tips!

Royal palace madrid

If you’d ask me for my favorite cities in Europe, Spain’s capital Madrid would easily make it on the list (same as London and Prague!). For me, Spain is one of the best destinations to visit in Europe and although many travelers tend to skip Madrid and rather head to Barcelona, I actually prefer Madrid […]

Myanmar Backpacking: Highlights, Travel Tips, Safety, Budget + More!

Visiting Bagan while backpacking Myanmar

Backpacking Myanmar is becoming more and more popular recently since the country is still considered to be less developed and thus “more real” than the well-known travel destinations in Southeast Asia such as Thailand and Vietnam. Although Myanmar is currently (as of 2019) certainly not completely untouched and non-touristic anymore, Myanmar is clearly different from […]

Backpacking Yangon: Highlights, Attractions + Travel Tips!

Shwedagon Pagoda while backpacking Yangon

Yangon was the last stop on my Myanmar backpacking trip. And I quickly realized that Yangon is different than Myanmar’s other destinations. Yangon is loud, hectic, dirty, messy – but still very worth seeing! If you have not been to Southeast Asia so far, you may experience a little culture shock here. But I recommend […]

Backpacking Thailand Guide: Highlights, Travel Tips + More!

Boats on the islands while backpacking Thailand

Thailand is considered a backpacking mecca and as the perfect “beginner country” for backpackers in Southeast Asia. Thus, for me Thailand was the first destination of my first big solo backpacking adventure. I remember exactly how excited I was when, in the summer of 2014, I flew alone with my backpack from Germany to Bangkok […]

Backpacking Chiang Mai Guide: Highlights + Travel Tips!

Backpacking Chiang Mai Guide

The city of Chiang Mai in the north of Thailand is incredibly popular with backpackers (for a good reason!) and should not be missed on any Thailand backpacking trip! Chiang Mai is considered the spiritual center of the country with an incredible number of temples and is also the starting point for excursions and tours […]

Backpacking Bangkok: A Travel Guide (Highlights, Tips + More)

All information for backpacking Bangkok

Bangkok, also known as the “City of Angels”, is one of Asia’s most fascinating metropolises and a popular destination for backpackers from all over the world. The capital of Thailand is loud, chaotic, dirty, modern, wild, hot, exhausting, exciting – and simply unique. For many travelers and backpackers, Bangkok is also the first stop on […]

Indonesia Backpacking: 6 Highlights You Have to Visit!

Backpacking in Komodo in Indonesien

An Indonesia backpacking trip is a great experience and the country has a lot to offer and explore with its countless islands. I have traveled to Indonesia twice – during my first trip, I traveled from Java to Bali with my backpack, during my second visit I brought some more time and settled down in […]

Malta Backpacking Guide (+Gozo): Highlights, Places to See, Travel Tips!

backpacking malta - view of Valletta

The small island nation of Malta, south of Sicily, is increasingly becoming a popular getaway destination for tourists and backpackers especially from Europe. And for a good reason! Because in Malta you will find relaxed island life, lots of sunshine, great coastlines and an interesting culture! This is all you need for a vacation. Conveniently, […]

Backpacking Barcelona: Highlights, Attractions + Travel Tips!

View of the skyline while backpacking Barcelona

Barcelona is a fun destination and a perfect city break in Europe for backpackers! The location by the sea and plenty of sunshine guarantee a great time and with all the sights and attractions in Barcelona you will not be bored. Practically, you can reach the city also very cheap with lots of low budget […]

Backpacking Kenya: 10 incredible places you shouldn’t miss!

Backpacking to the northern part of Kenya

Kenya is an incredibly diverse and great country that has much to offer. I spent a month backpacking in Kenya and had an exciting and fun time. Here I will tell you about the best places you have to visit when backpacking Kenia. Are you interested in traveling Africa? These articles might be useful for […]