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Agrotourism Cyprus: Exploring Rural Paphos

View of the blue lagoon in Paphos

My trip was kindly sponsored by Agrotourism Cyprus and therefore involves advertisement for tourism in Cyprus. As always, all opinions and reviews are my own.

I didn’t know much about Cyprus. Therefore, I was super excited when I got invited to spend 5 days on the island with Agrotourism Cyprus in the beginning of August 2018. I was flying into Paphos, a region on the western side of Cyprus and probably one of the most popular and beautiful destinations of the country. I got picked up by my lovely driver Demos and in the following days, I had the chance to explore rural Cyprus. In the following, I will tell you more about my experience with Agrotourism Cyprus and my tour around the countryside of Paphos.

By the way – here’s a video about my Agrotourism Cyprus experience in Paphos!



Villages of Agrotourism Cyprus in Paphos

As part of my tour with Agrotourism Cyprus, I had the chance to visit several small and rather rural villages around Paphos. While many tourists visiting Cyprus probably stay along the coast and in the city of Paphos, it’s been great to actually see more of the local life. The villages I visited were rather non-touristic and therefore, I’ve been able to get an interesting insight into the village life.

View of Episkopi village
Episkopi Village with Agrotourism Cyprus

Goudi Village

I spent my first two nights on my tour with Agrotourism Cyprus in Goudi village, which is about 45 minutes north from the southern coast of Paphos. There’s a fast road combining the south and the north of the island and Goudi village is conveniently located close to the main road. My accommodation was Elpida’s Stonebuilt houses, which was the perfect start into my Cyprus Agrotourism experience. I had my own big apartment with a beautiful view of the landscape of Cyprus and a nice pool. My fridge was filled up with local delicacies for breakfast, including fresh grapes, cheese, sausages and vegetables – a perfect start into the day!

Elpida’s Stonebuilt houses guesthouse of Cyprus Agrotourism
Elpida’s Stonebuilt houses

Lysos Village

On my second day with Agrotourism Cyprus, I visited Lysos Village. Only a little bit more than hundred people live here – therefore, it’s the perfect place to relax and enjoy the rural life. Here’s where I met Mr. Panagiotis, who gave me a village tour and also showed me his Agrotourism Cyprus guesthouse “Marmaras“, which actually belonged to his grandfather and was now redesigned. Next to the 3 studios for rent, there’s also a huge open room with big glass windows and a great view of Lysos.

Church in Lysos Village
Lysos Village with Agrotourism Cyprus

Steni Village

One of my favorite villages with Agrotourism Cyprus in Paphos is certainly Steni village. Steni is next to Lysos and similar in its size. After a fantastic lunch at local’s favorite Neromylos Tavern, I was welcomed be Mr. Elias, who’s the head of the community council. It’s been easy to see that Mr. Elias is completely in love with “his” village and spends a lot of time and effort to support Steni. And the results are clearly visible – Steni just got voted to be the cleanest village of Cyprus!

Church in Steni village, Paphos
Steni Village – Cyprus Agrotourism
Lunch at Steni village with Agroutourism Cyprus
With my driver Demos and Mr. Elias in Steni

I visited the museum of village life in Steni – which consists of a collection of hundreds of artefacts, utensils and tools which were used in the past in Paphos. The whole museum was created and funded by Mr. Elias – super impressive and worth a visit! Afterwards, Mr. Elias even drove me to a church which is located in the mountains just outside of Steni. The view of the island was incredible!

Church outside of Steni village
In the hills of Steni
View of Paphos Cyprus
Rural Cyprus

Miliou Village

My accommodation for my last 3 days with Agrotourism Cyprus in Paphos was in Miliou Village. While my Agrotourism property in Goudi was more of a local guesthouse experience, in Miliou, I stayed in the Ayii Anargyroi Natural Healing Spa Resort. The resort was much bigger than Elpida’s Stonebuilt Houses, with a large pool, a restaurant and of course a relaxing spa! After all the sightseeing, it’s been great to calm down and relax. In the Ayii Anargyroi spa, I enjoyed a swim in the sulphur jet pools as well as a personal massage. After my treatment, I was able to relax in the peaceful quiet room with a beautiful view of the landscape of Cyprus. Super relaxing and well needed!

Pool at Ayii Anargyroi Natural Healing Spa Resort with Agrotourism Cyprus
Ayii Anargyroi Natural Healing Spa Resort

Kathikas Village

If you’re looking for beautiful, colorful streets and a Greek flair, Kathikas village is the place to visit. This village is super Instagrammable and I enjoyed exploring its streets. If you’re planning to spend the night here, the Agrotourism Cyprus establishment „Loxandras house“ has you covered.

Agrotourism Cyprus - Visit at Kathikas Village
Kathikas Village with Agrotourism Cyprus

Just outside of Kathikas village, you’ll find the Vasilikos Winery. Paphos is actually a popular wine country, and the Vasilikos winery is the place to learn (and taste!) more of it. I was welcomed at the winery by Mrs. Marina Andronikou, who is the General Secretary of Cyprus Agrotourism and who showed me the winery as well as Kathikas village. We finished the day with a delicious feast at the Yiannis Tavern in Kathikas.

Vasilikos Winery in Kathikas village
Visit at Vasilikos Winery

Episkopi Village

Only a short drive from the city of Paphos, you’ll find Episkopi village, located in the Ezousa Valley. I was welcomed by Mr. Andreas Chrysanthou, who’s working at the Episkopi Pafos Environmental Information Centre. Andreas was super nice and explained a lot about his work in Episkopi and Agrotourism in Cyprus. He gave me a tour around the environmental information centre including the garden, and we walked further into Episkopi village. Since Episkopi is located in the valley, the village was built into a hill offering beautiful views of the surroundings. We enjoyed the sun and our frappé in the local café, where all the locals of Episkopi seem to come together.

Agrotourism Cyprus - Episkopi Pafos Environmental Information Centre
Episkopi Pafos Environmental Information Centre

Afterwards, I met Mr. Pambos Piskopos for a tour of the Cyprus Agrotourism establishments Androniki and Piskopos – two guesthouses located in Episkopi. With its proximity to Paphos city and the beautiful location in the valley, these properties seem to be a great location to unwind and to enjoy rural Cyprus.

View of Episkopi Village Paphos with Agrotourism Cyprus
Agrotourism Cyprus – Episkopi Village

Food in Paphos with Agrotourism Cyprus

One of my favourite parts of Cyprus was certainly the delicious food! The Greek influence in Paphos’ cuisine is clearly visible, which means that every meal is a feast with loads of grilled meat, seafood and wine! Here are a few restaurants around Paphos which I truly enjoyed!

Breakfast with a view
Breakfast with Agrotourism Cyprus

Y&P Fish Tavern in Latchi

On my first evening with Agrotourism Cyprus, I tried the local fish meze in the Y&P fish tavern, located directly at the harbor. I barely couldn’t finish all the delicious dishes I got served!

Fish meze dinner at Y&P fish tavern in Latchi
Y&P fish tavern in Latchi – this was just the starter!
owner of Y&P fish tavern in Latchi
The owner of Y&P fish tavern in Latchi

Moustakallis restaurant in Latchi

The meat meze I tried at Moustakallis restaurant in Latchi was incredible! The restaurant is huge, but completely full of locals as well as tourists, and probably the place to be in Latchi. By the way, you’ll certainly realize some similarities between Moustakallis restaurant and the Y&P fish tavern – and for good reason! The two owners are brothers!

Dinner at Moustakallis restaurant in Latchi
Moustakallis restaurant in Latchi

Neromylos Tavern in Steni Village

This is a local’s favorite and the place where many tourists stop for lunch whe driving around rural Paphos. The beautiful garden right next to the museum of village life in Steni is the perfect location for some traditional food!

lunch with agrotourism in Neromylos Tavern in Steni Village, Cyorus
Lunch at Neromylos Tavern in Steni Village

Yiannis Tavern in Kathikas Village

If you stay in Kathikas in the evening, Yiannis tavern is your perfect dinner choice. There’s a huge garden where you can enjoy the peaceful evening in the village with all those local delicacies.

Dinner table at Yiannis Tavern
Yiannis Tavern in Kathikas Village

Hondros Tavern in Paphos

The Hondros Tavern is located just up the street from the harbour front. Here’s where I had my last lunch in Cyprus – and it’s been a great feast! Portions are huge, staff is friendly and you can actually see how the famous Cyprus café is produced.

Lunch table at Hondros Tavern in Paphos
Hondros Tavern in Paphos

Mosfilos tavern, Polis

The Misfiles Tavern in Polis is conveniently located on the main street and therefore a good lunch stop on your way in and out of Polis. The restaurant is rather small and with a local atmosphere. You can enjoy nice traditional dishes from Cyprus here.

Neromylos tis Kouyioukkas

Would you like to learn more about the local production of bread, olive pie and haloumi cheese? This store is located just outside of Giolou village on the highway. Many locals stop here to buy local bread – and as mentioned, you can also learn a little bit more about the food production here.

Aphrodite Delights in Yeroskipou

On your way out of Paphos city, this store is the perfect place to try the famous Cyprus candy. A family business since many years, the delights are definitely worth a try and a nice souvenir from your visit to Paphos.

Aphrodite Delights in Yeroskipou
Aphrodite Delights in Yeroskipou

Sightseeing in Paphos Cyprus

As you’ve seen, I spent a big part of my time with Agrotourism Cyprus exploring rural villages and communities. However, there’s more to see in Paphos! Here’s what else I experienced and visited on my tour around Paphos.

View of Paphos Castle with Agrotourism in Cyprus
Paphos Castle

Stavros tis Psokas

The Stavros tis Psokas forest station is a popular weekend destination for locals and located in the hilly Paphos forest. The scenic road through the valley and forest leads you to the forest station, where I was able to visit the unique Cyprus Mouflons.

Forest in Paphos with Cyprus Agrotourism
Stavros tis Psokas – Paphos Forest

Blue Lagoon Bay Cruise

For me, the most beautiful spot of Paphos Cyprus is hands down the blue lagoon. The lagoon is located in the Akamas Peninsula National Park and several tour companies offer cruises along the coastline. The starting point is Latchi harbour, where I boarded the glass-bottom boat of the company Alkion. At 10:30 am, we departed and drove along the coast. Every now and then, speakers on board told us a little bit more about the nationalpark and the natural attractions along the coast. Finally, we arrived at the famous blue lagoon – and I seriously couldn’t believe how crystal clear the water is! We had enough time at the lagoon to go for a swim and to enjoy the beautiful water. While there were several other boats (it’s been high season), the lagoon was still big enough and I didn’t feel as if the area was too crowded.

Read more details about the Blue Lagoon of Cyprus in my detailed post!

Agrotourism Cyprus - Blue Lagoon
The blue lagoon, Paphos

Paphos archaeological park & Tombs of the Kings

The city of Paphos is especially famous for its archeological sites and heritage. When you’re visiting Paphos, you certainly should visit the archeological ruins. While the archeological park is located right next to the harbour of Paphos, the tombs of the kings are located a short drive north. At both locations, you can walk around a larger area and visit the tombs and old houses. This is the perfect place to learn more about Paphos’ past and history.

Visit at the archeological park in Paphos Cyprus
Archeological park Paphos
The tombs in Paphos with Agrotourism
Tombs of the Kings in Paphos

Paphos Castle & Paphos Harbor

No visit to Paphos is complete without a visit at the harbour! The promenade is full of cafés and stores and the perfect place for a nice stroll along the coast. At the end, you’ll find the Paphos castle. The observation deck on top gives you a nice view of the Paphos harbor area.

Harbour of Paphos Cyprus
Paphos Harbour

Final review of my Paphos tour with Agrotourism Cyprus

I enjoyed my 5 days in Paphos to the fullest. My itinerary was a great mix of sights, nature and the experience of the rural countryside of Paphos. If you’re interested to see more of Paphos than only the main cities and attractions, Agrotourism Cyprus will be able to give you a deeper insight into the country. Thanks for the nice trip!


Agrotourism Cyprus
Agrotourism Cyprus
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