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Backpacking Machu Picchu: These are your options!

Jumping in the air after backpacking to Machu Picchu

Backpacking to Machu Pichu is a must-do and one of the highlights in South America – but it can easily get confusing due to the various options to reach this wonder of the world. Let me break down your different options to backpack Machu Picchu! The first step is getting to Aguas Calientes, the small […]

Backpacking Kazakhstan: Why you should visit Astana + Semey!

Kazakhstan was always this big, unknown country I didn’t know anything about. Unless the stereotypes Borat provides – a topic you shouldn’t mention to locals! When mapping out my Trans-Siberian Railway trip, I realized how close I’ll actually scratch the country. That’s when I thought “why not – let’s make a detour”! I didn’t regret […]

My Ultimate Travel Bucket List

This is my travel bucket list – Things to do before I die! I’m continuously updating my travel bucket list and I can’t wait to check off more items soon! 1. Visiting every country in Europe 2. Backpacking through South America √ Check – after my semester abroad in Mexico. I traveled through South America […]

Trans-Siberian Railway Travel Guide: Safety, Budget + Experiences!

The Trans-Siberian Railway – the greatest train journey in the world, spanning over two continents, 7 time zones and thousands of kilometers – the connection of Europe and Asia, a part of so many bucket lists and the dream of every traveler. When I visited China in summer 2015, I met some people who finished […]

Is South America dangerous? 11 Tips to stay safe traveling South America!

Many police men making your backpacking trip in South America safe

One question I received a lot recently after returning from my 4-months backpacking trip around the continent was “how safe is South America?” This is an important question, and this guide will show you how to stay safe when backpacking South America! Unfortunately, South America’s reputation in terms of safety is not the best, and […]